CAD Design

The experienced CAD designers of ACES Engineering hold AA degrees in drafting and design using AutoCAD (currently, AutoCAD 2014). Our CAD design team develops complete drawing packages, such as:

  • Construction drawings – such as electrical, power, grounding, lighting, hazardous area classification, one line diagrams, motor and control schematics, control system wiring and terminations, cable tray, heat tracing, junction box terminations and conduit and cable schedules.
  • Panel fabrication drawings – such as enclosure fabrication, backpan and panel layout with bills of materials, power and control schematics, composite loop diagrams for PLC I/O complete with field termination points, and equipment schematics and termination diagrams.
  • Site or system wiring audits for record drawings for existing control panels and facilities.


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On-site Assessment

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your control systems to help your organization evaluate, prioritize and plan the control systems automation, integration, or migration project.

a. Discuss risks and goals
b. Obtain system documentation, drawing, and software
c. Document installed base

Migration Plan +Estimate

ACES Engineering delivers a report detailing recommended solutions for integrating, migrating or automating your control systems. We'll describe benefits in terms of asset investment protection, increased reliability and reduced risk.

a. Audit system documentation and software
b. Define system requirements
c. Develop migration plan\conceptual design
e. Develop scope, schedule, and AFE budget for implementation

Design and Execute

When you approve the recommendation, we'll provide a comprehensive project quote for executing your project—with no hidden costs! Our quotes are not only a great value, but ACES Engineering takes tremendous pride in delivering projects on time and on budget.

a. Develop detailed migration plan
b. Create and/or modify control panel drawings
c. Convert PLC and operator interface programs
d. Functional Acceptance Test
e. Installation/Commissioning

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